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A Little Bit About Us

Hi I'm Laurie, we are a semi retired couple with 4 adult boys/men. I became interested in Frenchies after owning one years ago. I have had many breeds of dogs I believe a family isn't complete without a dog companion. I have found and have come to know that Frenchies are the cutest, funniest, brilliantly smart, most loving yet stubborn adorable in the entire dog world, hence the set up as to how I fell into raising these fantastic Frenchie babies.


All of our boys went military right out of high school (We thank them for their service and we couldn't be prouder parents), this had them spread all over the United States. Thank God they all married well I have beautiful daughter-in-laws however I have been anxiously awaiting grandchildren. I finally surrendered to the idea that I may not have grand babies anytime soon, Too long of a story for this platform but come see us and our Frenchie babies or follow us on "INSTAGRAM" to get to know us) so I took up raising Frenchies. These are as close as I'll get to having scrumptious babies I can spoil and fuss over!!!! They truly fill me up. Lacking the close companionship of having children living close to us allowed me to venture out and find something that would fulfill me emotionally. I put all of me into raising these beautiful babies they are my heart and soul. My babies are always underfoot and that's just the way I like it. For now I'll settle with spoiling furry grand babies!!!

Our Guarantee

We use "Paw Print Genetics" out of Washington State to have all of our Frenchies tested prior to breading for genetic markers known in the Frenchie breed that create heath problems sometimes 2 to 3 years later in their life. These illnesses create very sick dogs and very expensive Vet bills. By having our dogs genetically tested allows us to give a lifetime guarantee against these common health issues in the Frenchie. We also give a 1 year life threatening HEALTH GUARANTEE to all of our Frenchie puppies. Our new Frenchie families all receive with their new puppy love, AKC registration, well puppy check clearance, deworming and shot records, a copy of records from Paw Print Genetics indicating testing results from either Dam, Sire or both and a care package to get your puppy started in his or her new happy home.                                                                                                                                                                     

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