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Taking a look at their forever families

Maxx with BB on her first road trip.
Morgan is taking her baby Roxy home.
Gator learning to skate board WOW!
Morgan teaching Roxy tricks, WOOW so smart!
John and Venessa testimonial, video and photos of Gator. Thanks to you both!

My girlfriend and I purchased a french bulldog puppy from Little frenchie kisses in January 2016.  We took the little guy home a few weeks later and instantly fell in love with him.  I was very impressed with how smart the little guy was and how eager he was to try to comprehend any little trick we taught him.  After interacting with Laurie and her husband we were sold on purchasing a dog from them.  They are very warm hearted people who are very passionate about animals.  We had previously visited several breeders home in search of a french bulldog puppy . To my surprise  I was very disgusted in what we had encountered.  One of the homes in Anaheim was  scary site. Their were 20+ dogs for sale and some  covered in feces and were malnourished.   After filing a complaint this individual went as far as calling my phone for several weeks harassing me.  I only share this story with you because these things happen. That is why it is very important to do your research and find an honest breeder.  Our experience with Laurie at Little Frenchie Kisses was very pleasant. You can tell they put a lot of time and effort breeding their puppies.  When we picked up Gator he came with a gift basket and a baby blanket she had used in the pen to bring home the scent of liter mates.  We are looking forward to the day that we will be purchasing another puppy form Laurie. 

(Laurie you may use my email as a reference) 

Gator Boy
Lauren with Gerald, thank you for your testimonial Lauren.

As soon as I had to say goodbye to my last bulldog I knew I couldn't live without another little companion by my side. So as soon as I came across Laurie and her new litter of frenchie puppies, it was like it was meant to be! She was extremely sweet, welcoming, open and accommodating when it came time to meet and decide on my new bundle of furry joy! Her and her family truly cared about each and every one of the puppies while in their care until handed off to their permanent homes. When it came time to bring my little brindle frenchie boy home, Laurie so kindly sent me and little Gerald home with not only a smile and a hug, but a generous bag full of information, food to start, and the most adorable little sweater for him! Gerald is the most amazing furry ball of quirky energy, and I am so incredibly happy I found Laurie and Little Frenchie Kisses. I can't thank her enough. 

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