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Welcome Everyone! Watch our Furry Family Play And Grow By Following Us On INSTAGRAM @ "LITTLE FRENCHIE KISSES"
 Be Sure To Check Out The "GETTING TO KNOW US" Tab.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise the most lovable, confident, happy, so smart and willing to please socialized, the most beautiful French bulldogs inside and out. We are proud to be called a hobby breeder, we have 4 females no male frenchies. (We purchase our perfectly handsome studs with a stud fee). We consider them our furry  children, they live in the house sitting and laying all over us as our boys did when raising them. We will never have what would be consider a so called kennel we have 5 acres here, one acre is fenced in all of our dogs have room to play, swim and roam. I won't sell to breeders I will only sell to pet families so that they can all be spoiled with the love of kids, parents, family and friends as I do my babies and their babies...

See our testimonials and photos from our previous Frenchie families. These families have been amazing to let us use them for referrals....upon request of course! 

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